At your side in delicate corporate and tax matters.

The firm’s Tax and Legal division, under the direction of partner Giancarlo Falco and specialized consultants, assists entrepreneurs in delicate corporate and tax issues, both nationally and internationally, lending its expertise in the planning and implementation of all types of corporate transactions (ordinary or extraordinary), as well as in the reorganization and restructuring of companies and groups.

The firm offers advice and assistance at all stages of tax disputes; from the tax audit stage to the litigation stage, and in the pre-litigation stage before the competent offices of the tax authorities.
Finally, given the continuous evolution of tax regulations and practice, the Tax&Legal division carries out continuous information and updating work through the publication of articles and in-depth studies in collaboration with leading publishers in the sector and the organization of conferences on specific topics.



Companies are adopting and articulating increasingly transparent and clear fiscal strategies in line with their broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda.
It is crucial for their legitimacy to operate and an increasingly important ‘ethical issue’ for all stakeholders, not only for shareholders, investors and institutions.
Even in the area of tax planning, we have moved from the objective of maximizing tax savings to the now well-known ‘stakeholder capitalism’: in the event of problems arising in the course of a tax audit, therefore, the discussion table is no longer only with the tax administration but with the entire stakeholder community.
It is clear, therefore, that alongside the approach and resolution of typical problems for those working in tax proceedings, there is a broader need to respond to the needs of the market in order to provide an all-round answer to tax issues.
It is clear, therefore, that the relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers can no longer be relegated to the mere exchange of data for tax compliance purposes, but must respond to the needs of a market that increasingly demands transparency right from the planning of business strategies.
It is on these issues, therefore, that Falco&associati is committing itself and evolving, concentrating its efforts in terms of study, research and investment on the most innovative dynamics that also present an absolutely interesting evolution in the taxation branch.
On this point, there is a clear need to strengthen the system of controls in companies, both internally – through more efficient administrative structures – and externally – through the proactive use of statutory auditing tools, Law No. 231/2000 and supervisory bodies..
Equally crucial is the improvement of businesses in the field of digitization, which is necessary in order to create an efficient data processing system to monitor business events with greater timing and accuracy.
In a nutshell: planning operations and monitoring business events that shields companies from tax risks is an absolutely crucial element for a company to be competitive. .
It is crucial to emphasize that these dynamics are not exclusive to large companies, but represent a real need for SMEs as well.
The challenge is therefore to develop operational tools for small and medium-sized enterprises as well, in order to determine an effective tax risk control system, both within the context of the corporate governance and internal control system and through more specialized and qualified external advice.
It is time to imagine a sort of ‘Tax Risk Manager’ as a new professional figure also for SMEs, in which the tax advisor is no longer seen as the one who takes care of tax compliance in eternal conflict with the Revenue Agency, but who, instead, succeeds in implementing tax policies and strategies in the ESG sphere; assists companies in drawing up tax disclosures according to a ‘total tax contribution’ approach and that, even in more classic tax planning activities, has an approach aimed at tax risk management that reconciles the need for legitimate tax savings with the broader requirements of the market in which the company must operate.



  • Tax advice on corporate and personal income tax, regional tax, VAT, inheritance and gift tax and other indirect and local taxes;
  • Analysis and tax assistance in corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of shares and participations;
  • Carrying out tax due diligence activities;
  • Domestic and international tax planning in cooperation with qualified foreign correspondents;
  • Planning and optimization of personal taxation, including the identification of the most suitable instruments for the implementation of effective wealth planning and protection tools.


  • Assistance to natural and legal persons for the management of tax assessments and audits. The activities range from the conduct and representation in tax litigation settlement procedures, to cross-examination with the tax authorities in general (including the formulation of appeals, questions, etc.), to assistance and representation in tax proceedings.


  • Preliminary analysis of the applicability of incentives, advice and support in applying for incentives and selecting related forms of financing, preparation of tax appeals and technical questions;
  • Technical, tax and accounting advice on tax relief on building renovation with continuous support throughout the entire process of the intervention, both on the side of credit generation and its circulation and monetization.
  • Assessment activities in connection with R&D activities carried out and in the administrative management of research projects, as well as assistance in case of tax audits
  • Advice and assistance required for the application of the tax relief arising from the Patent Box regime



Continuous assistance in the planning and control of directional choices

The division, under the direction of partner Alessandro Falco and specialist consultants, assists the company in the planning and control of management and financial decisions, taking care of planning and reporting.
The objective is to create a monitoring system towards the company management and the external lender community, in particular for monitoring data and main KPIs and for adequate corporate reporting, in particular:


    1. 1. Consultancy in the dialogue between companies and the banking system, in order to correctly feed the quantitative and qualitative information underlying rating systems with periodic reports and appropriate business plans.
    2. 2. The structure supports the company in identifying opportunities for subsidized finance, at regional, national and European level, to balance corporate and bank-derived financial resources.
    3. 3. The firm’s division follows financial reorganization interventions also through the use of the tools made available by the new corporate crisis code, acting as financial advisor in the interest of companies engaged in reorganization projects
    4. In addition, the division assists companies in extraordinary finance projects, such as the issue of Minibonds, the opening of capital to investment funds, and support in AIM listing.

Continuous advice services and “Forward Looking” financial monitoring

  • Financial planning and development of internal management control systems (management level);
  • Advising on enterprise-bank relationships and rating assessments;
  • Supporting in the creation and management of the Treasury function;
  • Short-term treasury planning and optimizing utilization of credit lines.

Non-Recurring services

  • Investment assessment, business plan and financial coverage plan;
  • Debt source optimization and interest rate risk management;
  • Supporting the use of external venture capital, mezzanine loans, Mini Bond issuance and Bond loans;
  • Capital opening projects to investment funds;
  • Crisis management and recovery plans;
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization programs, including through the use of instruments under Art. 67 and 182 bis l.f. Italian law;
  • Company Inheritance, M&A and Spin-offs;
  • Ongoing Assistance in the stages of Generational Transition;
  • Project Financing.


We assist companies in organizing accounting and administrative services, in order to support the digitalization processes

In the Division, we provide our clients with support for the creation of a fully adequate accounting information system, with particular focus on the digitization of administrative processes, in consultation with the companies’ software house partners.

The goal is to create an efficient internal administrative system capable of producing “compliance” business data, first and foremost for budgetary and tax needs but also to feed adequate management control activity, as well as for the production of the reporting required by all external stakeholders with which companies have to deal, be they tax agencies, banks, financial investors.”



Falco&Associati presents the electronic invoicing service offered exclusively to its clients, which guarantees the legally compliant management of the entire process, from compilation, sending, and storage, according to the technical rules of the DPCM of December 3, 2013, of accounting documents.


The mission of this corporate division is to study the learning models and best-practises, with a particular attention to the cultural innovation of the world of SMEs.

After more than 20 years of experience in the world of research, training, and European projects, Eurocrea Merchant, from an investee company of the Falco&associati group becomes fully integrated into the group as a division, becoming synergic with the other consulting areas.
Thus, was born Falco & Associati Education, a division dedicated to research, training, and European projects, with 2 offices in Italy, in Milan and Naples, and a point of contact in Brussels.
The division’s mission is the study of training models and best practices, with a special focus on cultural innovation in the SMEs world.

For this purpose, we encourage actions at local and European level, to foster training, creation and implementation of active citizenship projects. We perform, among others, studies and research on entrepreneurship and innovation in training tools and methodologies.

About the specific topic of European Projects, Our dedicated team works daily to ensure access to the best funding opportunities, to support our projects and those of our clients. Our experts offer consulting and training services in design, project cycle management, evaluation and quality assurance methodologies.
To achieve our goals, we work side by side with an extensive network of national and European partners such as public bodies, universities, research and training centers, chambers of commerce, local development agencies, consulting firms and representative bodies, with whom we interact on a daily basis to share and realize our European mission together.